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Fred Blount


R.F. Blount Plumbing & Heating was established over 75 years ago by Raymond Frederick Blount. Starting as a plumbers mate in 1929, he founded the company at the end of the Second World War, where he worked in the rescue and recovery service in London

In 1945, the business was born, first trading from his house in Roundhill Road Kettering and later renting a small garage, from where he would push his hand cart all over the town. It was from here he transformed and expanded the firm throughout the 1950’s and 60’s from a small personal business to a large local enterprise


His son, Nicholas Charles Blount became an apprentice in 1976. Working his way up, Nicholas became a partner in 1984. The company has continued to grow over the decades into one of the most respected Plumbing, Heating & electrical businesses in the UK

Nick Blount
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