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NICEIC competent person, registered contractor, domestic installer, part P

Landlord Safety Checks

Why choose RF Blounts & Sons Ltd to make sure as a landlord you are abiding by UK legislation. We are:

  • Gas Safe registered (7557) engineers

  • NICEIC approved & fully qualified electricians (IEE 7671 18th edition)

  • Fully compliant with all insurance & legislation

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(Electrical Installation Certification Report)

PAT Testing

Fire & CO Alarms

  1. Gas Safety Check (CP12)

  2. Boiler Service

Oil Boiler Service

  1. LPG Boiler Safety Check

  2. Boiler Service

Legionella Risk Assessment

Water Treatment


Property Letting Services


RF Blount & Sons Ltd can provide all plumbing, heating and electrical services including safety checks to ensure your property is fully compliant with the law

If you have a question regarding these services or are in need of advice an experienced member of our team is available to chat

A brief outline of your obligatory safety checks can be found below

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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Since the 1st of July 2020 for new tenancies and from 1st April 2021 for existing tenancies the UK Government have made it law in England to have all electrical installations in rental properties covered by an EICR which lasts up to five years

An EICR also protects you from prosecution if a tenant is harmed from electrical faults in the property

The EICR must be carried out by a qualified and competent electrician such as our experienced engineers

As a landlord you are required to provide tenants with a copy of the EICR and also to the local housing authority upon request. Failure to provide the local housing authority with a copy could result in a fine of up to £30,000

What is an EICR?

Put simply an EICR is an in depth check to ensure there are no faults in the properties fixed electrical systems (i.e. fuse board, wiring) and accessories (i.e. sockets, lights).  It also makes certain the safety of the property's users is not being compromised

For further details regarding the EICR here is a link to the NICEIC website

How long will it take?

This will depend on the size of the property and the complexity of the installation of the electrical system & accessories. A one bedroom flat could take an hour where a three plus bedroom house could take over 4 hours to be completed

How much will it cost?

This again depends on the size of the property and the complexity of the installation so please give us a call for a free no obligation quotation

01536 514046




If any faults are found, our expert engineers will inform and advise you on any remedial work that is required 

Upon request we will provide a free, no obligation quotation on any remedial work 

With your permission our engineers will get on with the repairs to ensure your property is in line with safety standards as soon as possible to minimise the inconvenience for both yourself and your tenants

Gas Safety Check

By law, landlords are required to have an annual gas safety check on the gas supply and appliances they provide


This safety check must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer who will supply a certificate once the safety check has been completed

Here is a link to the gas safe register website for more information

You can also check our registration for yourself: 7557

Gas Appliance Service

As well as a safety check on each gas appliance, landlords are required by law to have an annual service on each one too

How much will it cost?

This depends on a few factors such as the number of appliances, location of the property and the type, make and model of the appliance 




Our experienced engineers aim to minimise the time the appliance is off during the checks and service whilst carrying out a thorough job and maintaining strict safety standards


We pride ourselves on being honest and will always explain why any repairs or new parts are necessary

Legionella Risk Assessment

 Health & safety legislation deems it necessary for landlords to assess and control the risk of legionella disease in the property. Legislation states this must be carried out by a competent person

Although the landlord can carry out the risk assessment if they are competent, it is advisable to hire a specialist such as ourselves. We will ensure a thorough assessment is done, provide you with a certificate, explain the risk level and inform you of the control measures you need to put in place

Legionella Disease can be Fatal

Legionella is a harmful waterborne bacteria which can contaminate water systems

Legionella can become a health risk and cause a pneumonia type illness

For a property at higher risk of legionella, a risk assessment is recommended every 2 years

Is your property at higher risk of legionella?

  • The water in your water system is at temperatures between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius

  • The water is stagnant (e.g. tank) or is recirculated as part of the water system

  • The bacteria have sources of nutrients available for instance rust, scale, sludge, organic matter and biofilms

  • There is the possibility water droplets can be dispersed over a wide area (e.g. showers)

  • The properties occupants/users are more vulnerable to infection

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