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Commercial | School boiler installation


Science College

RF Blount & Sons Ltd were successful at gaining the contract to upgrade the heating and hot water system for a plant room at Huxlow Science College

The entire existing system including pipework, plant and boilers were decommissioned and removed before replacing them with a modern, more efficient and sustainable system

For the heating system our skilled, professional installation team installed two Remeha Gas 220 ACE high efficiency condensing boilers (up to 97.7%) which incorporate a specially designed microprocessor at the core of the control system


To support the boilers a pressurization unit, expansion vessel, dirt air separator and new pumps were installed along with a flue system to safely disperse the products of combustion

For the hot water system the team installed a Lochinvar fully condensing EcoSword gas fired calorifier which can provide efficiencies up to 96.4%

School plantroom installation
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