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Biomass wood pellet silo

Sir John Lowther


Northamptonshire scouts HQ

RF Blount & Sons Ltd installed the original mechanical services when the building was constructed and have been looking after the JLC's heating system ever since. The original LPG heating system was becoming outdated so it was in need of an upgrade

After an in-depth assessment it was  suggested a wood-pellet biomass system should be installed. As well as having a great environmental advantage the client has been able to save a huge amount on it's annual energy costs

A key factor contributing to the advantages was the site having ample space available for a large wood-pellet storage silo with an automated-feed system incorporated


As well as reducing the labour costs of operating the heating system the JLC only had to pay for two refills per year. Since the cost of purchasing wood-pellets in large amounts is significantly lower than running of an LPG system the client has been able to save annually on their energy costs

Biomass boiler installation

Environmental Advantages Of A Biomass Heating System

Burning biomass such as wood pellets for heat emits substantially less carbon emissions relative to burning fossil fuels such as LPG, oil and natural gas

Burning biomass is also considered carbon neutral making it a more sustainable choice of fuel

In addition biomass fuel is often created from waste material that would otherwise be put into landfill 

As a final benefit the ash created from the burning process is considered compostable

Are Biomass Heating Systems Expensive?

Yes, Biomass heating systems can have a high cost to purchase and install

However, there is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) government scheme which can help pay back this initial cost and maybe more, if you are eligible

For eligible non-domestic installations payments are made quarterly over 20 years and for domestic installations payments are made over 7 years

It is important to have an assessment carried out to determine whether a Biomass heating system is a worthwhile investment as it will depend on a variety of factors



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